Upcoming features Released January 2020

Upcoming features Released January 2020

Upcoming features:

  1. NEW: Types of service (like dine-in, 3rd part service, Parcel, Courier, etc) with the option to set different price groups for different services. Also, type of service breakdown in view registers.
  2. NEW: Price group option for locations added
  3. NEW: Location-based default payment account for different payment methods.
  4. NEW: Location based products, choose location where the product will be available. Also, bulk assigning of product locations.
  5. NEW: Enable/Disable payment method from business location
  6. NEW: Credit sale button in the POS screen.
  7. NEW: Add customer directly from the booking form
  8. NEW: Product warranty
  9. NEW: Location added to the cash register, now select the location of cash register before opening the register.
  10. NEW: Profile picture or avatar for users to upload
  11. NEW: New status overdue & Partial overdue for Sales & purchase invoices which extended the pay term date with filter for filtering them
  12. Improvement: Tax in expenses.
  13. Improvement: Made alert quantity field optional in add product screen
  14. Improvement: Displayinf due date in invoices
  15. FIX: Product Image in POS screen sometimes not showing.
  16. FIX: Cashflow balance
  17. Overall Code improvements

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